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Finding an Agent



Where do I start?


I require the services of a real estate professional so where do I start?


There are some simple things to remember when making this choice, after all the person you choose to work with is probably dealing with the biggest asset you will buy or sell.

  • It should be someone you trust.
  • It should be someone with the appropriate knowledge, experience and expertise not to mention enthusiasm.
  • It should be someone who will communicate with you and who you feel free to communicate with.
  • It should be someone who will listen.
  • It should be someone who makes you feel at ease even when you are discussing things you may not want to hear.
  • It should be someone that gets results their clients are happy with.

Chances are you will be having a fairly close relationship with this person for some time so make sure you are comfortable with your choice.



So, how do I find that person?


  • Ask friends and collegues for any reccommendations.
  • Phone the prospective agent and enquire about a property to see how your call is handled, (remember that is how your prospective buyers will be handled).
  • Read their advertisements to see if they are creative and would make you view the property or just 'run of the mill'.
  • Attend an Open Home, if they are conducting any at the time. Remember not all properties for sale want Open Homes so sometimes agents are not conducting any.
  • Ask for past clients who you can ring to find out about their experience


Finally, the decision is made - now what?


First and foremost remember they are a professional in their field.... after all that is why you chose them. So listen to what they have to say with regards to presentation, marketing and pricing strategies.