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Do you think it costs too much to present a home well?

Let's get straight to the point. There will always be properties on the market that don't look much better than a dog's dinner. When the owner sells, it's the buyer who wins. You will see, there will always be buyers out there making a point of looking for 'under presented' properties and putting a low offer in because they know they can. Then they tidy them up, slap some paint on and enjoy the increase in equity that the seller has inadvertently ''gifted'' to them. It's a hard reality. The importance of presenting your home for sale in its 'Sunday Best' can never be overstated. In the industry, it is considered one of the biggest mistakes home owners can make. The reality is, no matter what your budget or time constraints are, there will almost certainly be simple and effective ways to improve the presentation, value and saleability of your home. (Always ask your Agent what can you do to your home to increase its selling price and appeal without overcapitalising).

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