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The Private Sale Option

The Private Sale Option

This is an option a lot of people wish to investigate. 

Below please find feedback from a private seller who after discussion decided to use my services and the result.  This definitely speaks volumes for the benefits of using a professional.  If you would like to speak to John directly, I can put you in touch.

John Clarke's experience of private sale versus using my services

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our recent house sale with you. Firstly you were recommended by a friend of ours and I must say it was an excellent recommendation that has borne a tremendous outcome for us. In case you wish to forward this on to others I will explain the circumstances of the sale, which will help sell some context to why we are so delighted:

• We tried to sell our house quickly due to the fact we were going through a separation

• We had tried to sell our house privately before contacting you; but were unable to convert the interest into any form of offer

• People didn’t seem to want to negotiate with us – I think it’s a cultural thing in NZ perhaps; as we are from the UK we didn’t recognise this important distinction as in the UK it would have been fine and this was therefore a blind spot that we didn’t anticipate. Simply stated, selling through an agent in NZ seems to be something thats vital to a quick and effective sale

• We were becoming frustrated at the number of “no shows” which were draining on us personally – at a time when our energies were already being taxed.

• We didn’t have the resources to be able to actively market the property – just things like having a huge and professional looking sign on the front lawn – as well as a team of agents incentivised to make the sale. We were relying on passive selling through TradeMe – great for generating initial interest, but not great at converting a lead into a visit and a visit into an offer.

• We became tired of hearing lots of different advice from many different real estate agents – there really was a polarised view of the best approach and best price for our house sale.

• You came in to us, assessed our needs and gave us candid and accurate advice. You priced the property according to both the market and our overriding needs of a quick sale.

• The house sold in a multi-offer scenario within 1 week of signing the contract with you – and within a few days of the marketing info being available on the website, etc.

• The house sold for OVER our asking price, and to a buyer in an UNCONDITIONAL position which was simply outstanding.

Furthermore, you have been a very genuine, sincere and professional individual – and it has truly been a pleasure “working” with you to get out property sold at a great price and in a fantastic timeframe at what has been a very difficult time for both of us. A sincere big, big thank you!

John Clarke