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Spirit of NZ Competition 2017

Georgies Amazing Trip on the 'SPIRIT'

UPDATE: February 2019 (2 years later)

Georgie sent me an email about what she has been up to since the ‘Spirit’ and her future plans but this is what really touched me and why I do what I do …


On the 3rd night of Outward Bound we had to actually give 3 examples of the most significant events that you have experienced in your life so far, and honestly for me my last one was Spirit of Adventure.

I was going through a really rough patch when I had applied to go on it and was still recovering from it all when I actually was on it and truly Spirit of Adventure is so special to me because it made me realise who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, who to surround myself with, life lessons etc..

I think if I hadn’t gone on Spirit of Adventure I wouldn’t have achieved everything I did last year and probably wouldn’t have gone on Outward Bound.

So I am so grateful that you did give me that opportunity and I wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact it had on me to this day!

Georgie Wilson Receiving Her Certificate From Karen